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About - Datum Construction : Datum Construction

About us

We are a friendly, family run business with a passion for delivering products and services to the highest standards of workmanship.

We pride ourselves in engaging with projects that we are able to meet and in many cases surpass expectations with the finished results.

We share a multitude of experience within the construction industry ourselves and work with handpicked architects & sub-contractors to bring your ideas & concepts into fruition with confidence.

We have worked with Datum to rebuild our home top to bottom over the past 6 years and can’t recommend Grant and the team highly enough. The work is always to the very highest standard and matches up with initial quotes down to the last box of screws. The guys are committed, punctual, hardworking and always ready to offer advice or make last minute alterations as needed. They have been in an out of our home unsupervised and we are 100% confident they don’t need any oversight from us to get on with the work. Our house has been completely transformed and we love it!

Ruth & Mark

We focus on delivering a professional and personalised service, working closely with our customers to fully understand expectations and sharing our expert knowledge when needed.

With a dedicated on-site manager, also the proprietor of the business, we eliminate the concerns of project management – leaving the day-to day running of the development to us!

We have always found Grant and his team extremely helpful, adaptive and supportive. We have worked with then for over 20 years, and whether it’s a simple leak, building an extension or in fact a complete house, we have always been very happy with the experience and final product. They are very tidy and have a great attention to detail.


Our professional integrity is reflected in the rapport that we build with our customers, many of which have returned to us on more than one occasion.

We have a competent portfolio of projects of all sizes, including single & double storey extensions, conversions and renovations, although in the last few years we have concentrated on expanding our expertise into newbuild developments, large refurbishments and change of use (such as barn conversions).

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Bringing your ideas & concepts to life